Sustainability by design:

a new ‘greenprint’ for battery and battery materials manufacturing

Download the executive summary of the report here

Are you prepared for mandated policies with guidance on environmentally informed, data-driven design and development?

The pace of technology development and the evolving nature of regional policy settings have created an extremely complex landscape to tackle. The need to work collaboratively towards achieving responsible battery manufacturing and materials traceability paramount.

But how can market participants make a battery value chain more environmentally sustainable? And how can they prove these positive impacts to align with legislative requirements?

In collaboration with Minviro, this paper addresses the urgent demand for sustainable practices in battery and battery materials manufacturing. With global battery demand set to surge from 1 TWh to 6.8 TWh by 2030, environmentally conscious design and development are crucial. The EU's Battery Passport and similar regulations necessitate sustainability. Our white paper offers guidance on data-driven, environmentally informed approaches to meet these challenges.