Weaving the threads of net zero delivery

From ambition to reality 1

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In collaboration with Princeton University's Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, we present this groundbreaking thinking that explores the practical shifts required to develop and deliver the energy infrastructure required to achieve mid-century net zero targets. 

Building on Princeton University’s Net-Zero America study, this paper outlines an immense infrastructure delivery challenge, unprecedented in global terms. It emphasizes the need for businesses and governments to transform how they engage communities, develop and deliver projects and outlines five key shifts (FATR shifts) needed to make net zero a reality.

This paper is a must-read for decision-makers in government, industry, and the broader community. It illuminates the significant delivery challenges that we face and outlines key shifts needed to transform project delivery to enable the necessary changes.

Access the full paper now to explore how the combination of the 5 FATR shifts can untangle the threads of the net-zero transition to weave a new delivery paradigm. 

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For those who are interested in a brief overview of the paper's content, we offer an executive summary that highlights the main points and key takeaways. The executive summary is accessible to everyone without any need for registration.

"The biggest challenge is the scale and pace required to reach net zero by 2050. It’s an enormous undertaking. But it’s also a huge opportunity. We encourage all infrastructure participants to take pragmatic steps to adopt new ways of working and make net zero a reality."
Dr. Clare Anderson Director, Sustainability Performance, Worley